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I Have No Faith in Machines

by All My Friends

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released November 21, 2009

All songs written and performed by All My Friends. Vocals and synths performed by Brian Holt & Josh Custodio. Produced, Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Brian Holt in Skyy Studios during Summer 2009. Album artwork by Jenny Preswick. Disc artwork by Bo Mahon.
© & P 2009 All My Friends Music. All Rights Reserved.



all rights reserved


All My Friends Vancouver

We make pop songs using keyboards.

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Track Name: Stay
We’ve got our backs against the wall, we don’t need reminding.
I thought we’d try this once more.
Our future may be distant, but I don’t care to buy in.
I say you stay, let’s stay.

We only feel through satellite.
We can wander, we can do whatever you like.
Don’t make me romanticize.
But I wouldn’t mind it, when it all comes down.

For a moment I thought I had, everything all worked out now, but I’m lost somehow.
I said to you I’ll make this up again.
Let’s go back to where we started when our hearts were young and so naive.
Track Name: Where Do We Go From Here?
It started out with a kiss in the morning.
You smiled and kissed me back while our friends were still sleeping.
When you left I said farewell, don’t you call me.
You laughed and walked away you knew I was lying.

You came back to see me in the evening.
We strolled around a couple weeks in January.
I think you like me but I don’t know for sure, you say, I think about you all the time, there’s no use pretending now.

Where do we go from here?
Track Name: Tonight Happens
To all our friends where have you gone.
What has happened to us what have we become.
We used to lend ourselves out to the nightlife and go with the crowd.
We used to let our cares go, leave our worries and get around.

The things I knew. The girls I loved.
When tonight happens.
The habits I missed. The places I stayed.
I won’t ever forget.

To all our friends it’s been so long.
Now I’m running circles chasing time, the lives we’ve lost.
I miss the summer week nights that we stayed out wishing to forget.
I miss the countless times we took the world that we promised ourselves.
Track Name: Always
We left our homes, we left the car.
We held our hopes all along.
The street lamps glow, the summer stars, guide us to all that was.

All I want is for things to be the way things used to be.

Everything will fall into place.
The whole world chases us always.

We waste our days, you and me.
Nothing happens, I wouldn’t change a thing.
The seasons pass, time is bliss. All our dreams now broken promises.
Track Name: Secret Smiles
You don’t need to say a thing.
It’s that look, it shouts to me.
Your secret smiles, so clever darling.
It’s more than a want.

It’s more than a feeling.

I’ll tell you my name, we’ll dance to the song, you sing it to me, the words escape your mouth.
Something’s begun, we’re going on.
I’ve got it with you.
If it were up to me, I’d do whatever makes you stay for a while, cause I know.

It’s more than a feeling.
Track Name: Another Morning
Our time is coming, there was something in the signs.
The way that you’ve been, tell me everything’s alright.
Another morning, I need just a little more time.
I know what isn’t. Is there nothing, can’t I change your mind.

Nothing’s real.
Are we falling out of love.
I can’t decide if the world’s turned grey, or if colours fade from your back turned against mine.

My world stopped turning, my life flashed right before my eyes.
You left me stranded, you lied, you said things would be fine.
Wait for tomorrow, I want a chance for you and I.
I know what isn’t. Is there nothing, can’t I change your mind.